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Gas Spikes Lead To Alternate Fuel Popularity

Tired of paying from your bottomless wallet for gas prices that can double in no time? Commuting has grown beyond expensive for the average American household, which leaves many researching alternative fuel sources. Not only can these alternatives offer new tax breaks, but they can also save a great deal of money at the pump while having a less harsh impact on the environment.

Make way for the hybrid car, a vehicle with multiple fuel sources. Mopeds, combining gasoline and pedal power, and locomotives, combining diesel and electric power, are both similar concepts to the hybrid car. Most of today’s domestic hybrids merge gasoline and electric fuel sources. Designed with advanced aerodynamics, more efficient engines and reduced body weight, they offer drivers from 18 to 60 MPG of city and 21 to 51 of highway driving. Popular models on the market today include the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Escape, GMC Sierra, Honda Accord, Civic and Insight, Lexus RX and Toyota Prius. Hyberid cars both improve your mileage and reduce tailpipe emissions, so you generate less pollution and Carbon dioxide.
Other fuel alternative vehicles include :
Electric Vehicles :  These cars run on electricity, fueled by a charging unit typically built onto the side of one’s house. Electric-only vehicles can get about 50 miles of use per 12 kilowatt-hours of charge, are cleaner running and can go from zero to 60 in about 15 seconds. Electric cars are available through individual conversion.
Liquid Hydrogen Vehicles :  The BMW’s Hydrogen Record Car (HRC) is an extremely fast, aerodynamic, clean-burning vehicle. Because there is an unlimited supply of Hydrogen, and because it is a renewable source of energy, this vehicle is a strong alternative to gasoline.
While less popular than our petroleum oil counterpart, these alternative fuel vehicles are making a big impact in the news and on the consumer market. Before you make the switch, do your homework and consider your personal commuting needs.
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