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Theme Gift Giving: Making Shopping Fun Article By Vasrue.com
Stuck in a rut and have no idea what to give that finicky, has-everything friend? Theme gift giving makes shopping more fun than ever. Theme gifts are a few items that are similar in concept or idea. Here's a few suggestions to get your creativity flowing.
For the woman who loves coffee, wrap up some gourmet coffee, chocolate-covered espresso beans, coffee body scrub, chocolate or vanilla flavored stirs, a coffee-table book and an oversized coffee mug in a dark brown gift bag.
For the friend taking a tropical vacation, wrap sunglasses, sunscreen, flip flops, beach-scented linen spray, a corny romance or New York Times bestseller book and coconut-scented foot soaks in a beach bag or sand pail.
For the new business school graduate, wrap a Wall Street Journal, financial calculator, a blackberry, coffee singles and bottle of aspirin in a Coach messenger bag.
For the golf fanatic, wrap an issue of Golf Digest, a pack of golf balls, a gift card to the local range, a golf notepad and pencils, milk chocolate golf balls, and, if they have a Windows-based computer, Xbox or PS2, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 video game in a green or golf-themed gift bag.
For the book lover, wrap their favorite author's latest release, a bookmark, a gift card to the local book shop and gourmet coffee singles (or Crystal Light On-The-Go packets for kids) a in a book bag. If you're familiar with the book, you can add something mentioned in the book. For instance, wrap J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter with a sorcery wand, Yann Martel's 'The Life of Pi' with a tiger stuffed animal or Terry McMillian's 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back' with a bikini.
For the movie fan, wrap a gift certificate to the local theater, JuJu Bees, Cracker Jacks, M&Ms, Microwave popcorn, a blockbuster gift certificate, a movie guide book and two bottles of classic Coca-Cola in a large popcorn bucket.
When you stick to a theme, you'll find there's unlimited options from which to choose. You'll also find gift giving becomes more fun than receiving.
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