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Tips For Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer Article By
Summer anticipation can quickly segment into summer boredom. Why, even the Cat in the Hat knows this: "I sat there with Sally. We sat there, we two. And I said, "How I wish we had something to do!" Instead of wrecking havoc with Thing One and Thing Two, give the tots some activities they can't wait to do.

Most every neighborhood library launches a summer reading program to keep kids engrossed in books through non-school months. Schedule a Saturday afternoon visit to the library to sign-up. Kids can check out their own books using their own library card, so they learn responsibility. Encourage a reading habit that will last a lifetime. With prizes, celebrations and rewards, kids simply can't resist the challenge.

Join or increase your DVD-by-mail plan, so your children can enjoy the cinema without the hefty cost of weekly theater tickets. Take this opportunity to slip in some cultural or educational titles, like the Diary of Anne Frank, Broadway musicals like Annie or, for older children, Shakespearian classics like Romeo and Juliet.

Teach children the value of money. Because boredom usually accompanies the 'I want; I want' syndrome, help your child set-up a financial goal and create a workable budget with them. Explain that household chores, yard work or other activities can earn some summertime cash. Then take them to the bank each week so they can watch their savings grow.

Scout out your local Parks and Recreation activities, or splurge on a summer day camp. Arts centers offer dance camps, while cooking schools offer week-long cooking camps and some universities or YMCAs offer soccer, hockey and other sports camps. These can be both enjoyable and educational, typically running from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, and cost just about the same as a week's daycare.

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