Time Management For Busy Moms

How do you do it? You work 40 hours a week, commute eight, cook, clean, read bed time stories, help with homework, finagle home finances and still have time for yourself and your spouse.

Is there an easier way? Before you peanut butter that gum out of Sarah’s hair or hnt down Cameron’s pet rat, take a deep breath and try these helpful time management tips:

  Chances are, there are some neighbor kids that frantically dart out the door at the same time you are. Each of these children have parents, as busy as you, and most would love a break. Contact a few of them and arrange a carpool system. Then, tote three to four kids to school one week, and have two to three weeks off.
Casserole and Crock Pot
  Too busy to cook every single night after work? Make healthy casseroles the kids will love, like macaroni and cheese, nutritious tuna or green bean casserole. Also, use that crock pot: toss in some healthy ingredients in the morning and go.
  Can’t possibly get it all done? Learn to prioritize your to do list, putting less critical items at the end. If you can’t get to the less important items for a month or more, that’s okay. Let it go.
  Delegation is a critical time management skill. Are the grandparents watching the kids next weekend and a birthday bash just around the corner? Ask them to do the gift shopping. Also, make sure each child also has chores to do everyday, and that your spouse contributes his or her fair share.
Be Proactive
  Are things a bit slow this week? You know it never stays this calm. So take this opportunity to get ahead. Pay bills in advance, prepare a week’s worth of meals, finish the less pressing to-do’s and basically tie up all your loose ends.
Who’d have thought one child could add so much to one’s schedule. Parenting is daunting, to say the least. But with a little finesse, you can accomplish it all – gracefully.
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