Is the Dot Com Boom Reborn?

In its infancy, the Internet was a playground for wide-eyed investors and entrepreneurs. Like the California gold rush, thousands migrated to this new, uncharted territory with hopes of wealth, fame and fortune. Millions were earned, and billions were lost in this gamble. Yet some businesses stuck in our lives and still thrive today – past the inevitable dot com crash earlier this decade.

While diapers by mail and online grocery shopping never quite reached their peak, most of us would cringe without the online services of Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay and Google, among others. These giants were able to build an empire of loyal customers and thrive, even through the crash.
Some experts question whether or not the Dot Com frenzy has risen from the ashes in recent months. The Internet has paved the way for a few more home-grown empires, changing the way we live, socialize, work, communicate, research and conduct our daily lives.
Make way for the next Stephen Spielberg and John Lennon. YouTube, which began as a simple video sharing website, has grown in popularity, largely with the younger generation. The site is host for many amateur video bloggers and starlet hopefuls. If you have a camera, you can post a home-grown music video and hope for that big music deal or your 30-seconds of fame, or upload a movie clip to hone your directing skills.
Similar in popularity with more than 87 million members, MySpace has redefined social cliques into a Top 8 list. This social networking site helps people stay in touch with friends, coworkers, or classmates, meet new people, leave comments, send email, instant message, post personal pictures and blog, capturing the attention of youth and young adults across the country. Other notable upstarts include Netflix, Blogger and Flickr.
While the previous, commerce-driven boom may’ve failed, the new one, offering connectivity and interactivity, seems to be making it big.

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