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21 Ways to Get into Coastal Vacations

This is probably the single most frequently asked question we hear in building our business.

"I don't have the money, Clinton, but I really want to do it!"

"How about if we got you started with no money or little money out of your pocket?"

OK, OK, what is this about ZERO dollars out of their pocket?

When most people start a business, the smart ones do NOT use their own money. If they did, they would be taking it from their checking account, savings account, cookie jar, or out from under
their mattress.


But most people, when they buy something, use someone else's money. That's what we do when we use our credit card, home equity line of credit, or borrow the funds from a friend. It should be no
different with joining Coastal Vacations.

But there is one big difference ..and this is always a strong motivation ... the costs involved in starting a business are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

So let's look at some of the ways that people can get started with little of no money of their own. Most of this list has been contributed by Lynn McCallister, Trainer.

1) Sign-Up with your Credit Card. That is how many start but if you don't have one, you'll have to apply for and receive the card first! This is the best option because it gives you 30 days to recoup your investment and you will immediately be able to conduct your business, receive your travel & vacation package & your sign-up bonuses.

Don't have a credit card? Get one here, if you qualify:


2) Take no money out of pocket, and allow a company to benefactor you in for free and then you just make a small monthly payment for the financing. Financing is available, however it is subject to a 'Credit Check.'

The loan company is called AG Finance and they give small personal loans to people for businesses or home renovations and. Even Vacation Loans. Several people have gone thru them for Coastal and they have been approved for $2000 (level one travel package)

It's free to submit your application. Please visit their website for detailed information:
AIG Financing

AG Finance has many offices all over the US. Each customer puts in their zip code and the nearest location is pulled up. It takes a few minutes, online or over the phone, to complete the application
and the customer finds out within 24 hours if they were approved for the $1995 loan. If so they will receive a check in the mail within 2-3 days.

Payback varies from customer to customer because it's determined by their credit score.

Here are a few more sources. We suggest that you actually apply for all of them and if you get approved for them all, just pick ONE to get your financing from. It costs nothing to apply for them.

You can reach all of them at free toll free search 1-800-555-1212
or search for them on the web.

American General

Citi Financial

For Canadians looking to go through CitiFinancial:


Washingtom Mutual


Lending Tree.com
http://lendingtree.com/stm3/default.asp  - Select "personal loan" in the drop down box, under "Mortgages and Loans"

AM One

3) Obtain a loan on your 401K. These loans are great if they're an option for you because there are no turndowns or penalties. The interest rate is 5%...and you're paying that interest to yourself!

4) Obtain a short term loan from a friend or family member. Borrow $50 from 26 people. Borrow $100 from 13 People. Borrow $250 from 6 people... borrow $350 from 4 people. Just pay them back and give them a trip of choice from your package and they will be stoked.

5) Obtain a home equity line of credit.

6) Increase an existing equity line.

7) Sell a car you don't use or pawn it until you make money, buy it back.

8) Have a Rummage Sale

9) Sell off your old CD collection, or any collection to the pawn shop or on ebay.

10) Find two or three people or businesses to buyin and share the package together

11) Get a side job, and work it hard for one month, save all the money. One or two months is not that big a deal of a sacrifice if you really see what we have here with Coastal!

12) Crack open your IRA or CD Account Early

13) Borrow against your future tax return

14) Sell a farm animal or farm implement you are not using or needing

15) Ask your credit card provider to increase your credit line and boost your spending limits.

16) Do you get new credit card offers in the mail everyday? If so, fill one out, send it in and see what they give you. Call the 800 # and apply over the phone to see if you qualify!

17) Join our Coastal Feeder program as a travel agent  Make money getting people to join your travel agent business! Go here and sign up today. Make enough to join Coastal in a few months.

18) Donate Blood Weekly to a local Blood bank to get enough capital to get started... I have heard of blood, sweat and tears, but people will only pay for your blood! See your local plasma donation center
for details.

19) Pre-Sell Coastal to 3 People and bring them to your director, trade them as 3 sales so you get a director's release!

20) Buy $99 worth of leads from www.goldmillsmarketing.com with the starter package, and close 3 leads and earn your way in with only a $99 investment. You'll need a simple script, so ask for it.

21) One often overlooked way that people can increase their monthly paycheck is some cases by hundreds of dollars is to simply increase the number of exemptions on the withholding statement from their employer. This will give people an immediate pay increase that could easily cover a payment on a credit card or loan until they are able to pay it back. This is a simple, painless way to get an immediate pay raise within as little as 30 days!

Bottom line is... IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND HAVE DESIRE - You will come up with a solution somehow, even one that is not in this list.


If you are not willing to do any of the items on this list or think up new ones, then it is most likely that Coastal would not be a good fit for you anyways then.

So please, don't waste my time or yours. Check out some of my other biz opps. If you are serious.....Just do it.


Clinton Douglas IV
CEO & Founder
Vasrue.com, INC

P.S. Don’t just take our word for it Read what other members are saying.

P.PS. Call my center now and let's change your situation immediately 1-800-378-1169 ID 5523CD

"My business is on remote control… I’m averaging three sales a week… I can see where the whole situation is just snow balling."
- Dean, Los Angeles