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5 Tips to Creating a Powerful Master Mind

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Are you ready to finally shed those last five to ten pounds? Are you feeling motivated by shorts, tanks, bikinis and, dare we say, Paris Hilton? Even if you’ve tried and failed a million times, it all amounts to long-term determination, perseverance and drive.

The first thing you’ll need in your summer weight loss plan is a food log. Don’t leave it up to chance, assuming you’ll remember what you ate each day. You’d be surprised at how even the smallest of snacks and trips to the cupboard can add up.

You know how you'll often get things done because someone else is counting on you? Somehow, when we make a commitment to someone else, it's easy to take action and follow through. Yet when left on our own, we tend to , get distracted, or fritter away our

There are several hallmarks to building a healthy 6-figure business and I consider being in a master mind one of them. The right kind of master mind will challenge you to be bold and authentic. It will challenge to you step up and step out. Plus it will challenge you to achieve more than you thought you could because you know you have unquestioning support behind you.

But to really get value and benefit from a master mind, you have to know how to either create or find one that will challenge you in all the right ways.

I'm currently in two master minds-one in person and one on the telephone-that have each provoked and supported me while I have re-vamped my business from the inside out.

There is something about standing up (or speaking out) to a group of my peers and making a commitment, knowing I'll have to follow through and report back on my progress the next time we meet, that spurs me to get my butt into high gear, fast.

Here are 5 tips on how to find or create a powerful master mind that will move you and your business forward to greater rewards and a whole lot more fun:

Tip #1 Make sure you love and respect each other Sounds mushy, but a master mind is an intimate relationship built on trust. I was in one group for a short time, and quit when I realized I didn't have "that lovin' feeling" from the group members. I just didn't feel they "got me" which meant I was reluctant to open up and really share what was going on.

Tip #2 Keep it small and cozy I've found 4-5 people is optimum. This gives everyone a chance to get all the time and attention they need without making each master mind meeting cumbersome.

Tip #3 Meet at least once a month I've founded four different master minds in the last few years and each one made the initial commitment to meet at least monthly. One master mind I'm in right now meets every two weeks. Another I've been in for nearly three years meets every-other month for an all-day retreat (very cool, and very productive). Continuity is key so keep those meetings coming!

Tip #4 Build connection at the start of every meeting Remember the master mind I said I quit? One of the things that bugged me was there was not time to connect. I've found that the when you take just a minute at the start of each meeting to create a space of harmony and trust, you get a lot better results. You can read your group's mission statement, take a moment of silence, or recite a code of honour. Just make sure you connect before you
move forward.

Tip #5 Give and receive loving, kick-in-the-pants support A master mind won't work produce results for you unless you're challenged. When giving feedback, ideas, coaching, etc., keep in mind that being too nice isn't doing anyone a favor. The trick is to keep your master mind partner's interests in mind while being totally up front and honest.

In my master minds, each participant gets 100% of our attention for a set mount of time. We also choose not to meet unless everyone can be there, which really adds to the strength of the group.

If you're serious about building a strong, healthy, thriving business and want to feel supported then create or join a master mind as fast as you can. I promise you'll love it!


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