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There are all sorts of ways to make money on the Internet. You can create an eBay account and empty out your garage. You can set up a website to sell your products and services. And you can create income by posting ads from Google's AdSense network to name just three.

The problem comes when you try to combine one system with another. Or rather, when you try to put AdSense ads on a commercial website.

AdSense lets you filter out ads from competitors but that doesn't mean it's always smart to use them on a commercial site. An ad unit on a site selling computer services for example, tells me that the publisher's services aren't selling well and he needs ad revenue to make the site pay. That could make me wonder what's wrong with his services.

However, there are some sites that have found that they can generate more revenue with AdSense ads from competitors than they make selling their own products!

Of course, it's exactly the times your services aren't selling -- perhaps because you haven't figured out the marketing yet -- that you'd want to supplement your revenue with ads.

The best way to do that is to keep the ads off the sales pages and create a series of content
pages. If you were selling a computer repair service, for example, you might have a few pages describing the sort of repairs you do, your qualifications and contact information. Those are the pages that generate your sales. But you could also add a bunch of articles that talk about different aspects of computer repair, such as virus damage or weak memory or whatever it may be.

There's nothing wrong with blending ads into those pages. Users are used to seeing ads on content pages and because they know those pages are giving them free information and aren't selling anything, they've got no problem with you making money out of them with ads.

And these pages have another advantage too. Not only will they give you an opportunity to earn ad revenue, but if you choose your keywords carefully, they'll do your search engine optimization the world of good as well.  Add content pages to a commercial site to house your ads then and you'll have a win-win-win situation: your users will get valuable
information, and you'll get more users and more income without harming your basic services.


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