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Affiliate Marketing Commissions With eBay Made Easy

One of the easiest affiliate programs to make your first commissions with is the eBay affiliate program. Here are the three steps you need to take to get started easily. They are relatively simple to do or have done for you.


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Affiliate Marketing Commissions With eBay Made Easy (Continued)

1. Set up your Wordpress Blog

WordPress is a blogging platform similar to Blogger, Drupal, TypePad/Moveable Type, LiveJournal, Blosxom etc. There are a host of options. These blogging platforms all allow users to quickly and easily post thoughts, ideas, snippets of text - whatever - to a website simply by typing into in a simple web-based form.

The number of marketers pushing Wordpress past it's original design as a platform for journalling is increasing steadily.Sites built with Wordpress underlying can hold thousands of pages of content and they are very easy to update - you don't even have to know HTML. It's really as easy as using a word-processor once it's all set up.

Wordpress offers an install that takes less than five minutes if you want to do it yourself. Plus there are individuals who will do script installations very cheaply. Many internet / affiliate marketing forums will have a resident installer who will undertake this job for you.


2. Post good content and tasteful eBay ads to your blog

One of the problems with most regular websites is that they become stale and lose some of their relevance because of their static nature. Using the blog format however, it is much easier to keep your website 'fresh' - and the search engines love fresh material.

eBay provides a tool called the eBay editor kit that you can use to place eBay ads easily on regular websites. Unfortunately this tool doesn't do anything to add valuable content that is visible to the search engine spiders as it is written in javascript.

What you need instead then is a Wordpress plugin (a file or two that you drop into your Wordpress installation) which will display the eBay listings as regular HTML instead of javascript. This adds search engine fodder to your blog and hence improves your chances of getting higher ranking in the search engines.

Using a Wordpress plugin is also much easier than trying to get the eBay Editor kit to play nicely within the body of Wordpress blog posts.

3. Promote your blog

Many blog owners put up their blog and populate them with articles and advertising but then fall far short on this step.

You must spend the time to get good backlinks to your site!

At the minimum you should try

* social bookmarking your most useful pages

* listing your blog in directories

* article marketing

Just these three activities will get your blog off to a great start attracting visitors to your site. The relevant words that are generated by the eBay ads( will be picked up by the search engines and visitors searching for those words will be directed to your site. When they click through and make a purchase on eBay or register for an account you pick up commissions.

That's the three steps in a nutshell. You can be up and actually making money as an affiliate marketer with eBay in quick time. If you decide to take the plunge... happy affiliate marketing with eBay and enjoy those commissions!

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