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Beginners Guide to Cruising

Cruising is one of the most popular, convenient, and affordable vacation options offered in the travel industry today! With more cruise ships sailing to more incredible cruise destinations all over the world than ever before, there has truly never been a better time to cruise!

Cruise Destinations

Modern cruise ships today offer more thrilling onboard activities and travel to more breathtaking destinations than ever before. From the rugged natural beauty of Alaska, the charm of New England and Canada, the thundering volcanoes of Hawaii, the rich culture of Mexico and Panama, and the fascinating history and beauty of Europe and the Mediterranean, to the lush tropical vistas and white-sanded beaches of the Caribbean and the Bahamas, no where else than on one of these majestic and luxurious cruise ships do you get the opportunity to see and experience all these exciting and amazing new places like you never have before. And best of all, you only have to unpack once!


Cruise Ship Activities

There are a myriad of onboard activities and shore excursions that can enhance your cruise vacation experience. Whether you're lounging by the pool, taking your chances at a game of poker in the casino, strolling through the on-board shops, enjoying a Broadway-style show, or just sipping on a drink with a new friend, you will never run out of fun, exciting, and relaxing things to do on your cruise vacation. There are even special programs and activities planned just for the kids!

Most cruise lines also offer shore excursion packages that can be added to your cruise vacation. A shore excursion is an optional, pre-planned adventure that you enjoy on-land in each of your ports of call. From snorkeling among beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean, to whale-watching in Alaska, or exploring the ancient Mayan pyramids in Mexico, your opportunities for fun and adventure are virtually limitless. Shore excursions can be booked both online or after you board your ship at the purser's desk.

Book Your Cruise Vacation Today!

A cruise vacation is the perfect vacation choice for the entire family! No matter what it is you choose to see or do, a spectacular cruise vacation gives you the opportunity for a vacation experience like no other!

The sooner you decide on your cruise package, the better deal you will get. With the increased popularity of cruising, most cruise ships fill to capacity weeks before their sailing date, making last minute cruise deals a thing of the past. Though booking yourself online is a good option for experienced cruisers, if you are new to cruising, working with a cruise agent is highly recommended. Your cruise travel agent will be able to walk you through the entire cruise vacation planning and booking process, explaining the differences between countless cruise lines, cruise ships and cruise destinations there are to choose from, helping you to select the cruise vacation that you and your family will enjoy most!

Before you know it, you'll be sipping on your favorite drink and soaking up the sun while cruising the high seas aboard one of the most beautiful cruise ships in the world! This is sure to be one vacation that you and your family will never forget!!

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10 Tips for Cruising on a Budget


So you want to go on cruise, but you're not sure if you can afford it? We've put together a list of 5 ways you can save money on your next cruise. Pack your bags, it's time to set sail on a stellar cruise!

1. "Drive-Up Ports" Instead of flying, try driving to a port and parking there. The average price for parking is $12 a day, which is a tremendous savings over flying if you have more than one person on the trip. Many port parking lots offer prepaid parking, which secures your spot.

2.Frequent Cruiser Program Joining a benefits program offered by a cruise line may help you get a discount on cruises in the future. Additionally, there are added perks such as priority seating for shows and even chocolate-covered strawberries! The best part is these perks are FREE!

3. Spa Discounts on Port Days Many cruise lines offer lower prices for access to their spas on days when the ship is at port.

4. Group Cruises Whether your group is a large family, a wedding party, a corporate gathering, or a school group, booking as a group is a great deal. If you're the one to organize the group, you might even get your cruise for free!

5. Military, Teachers, and Senior Citizens, Oh My! If you're an active military member, a teacher or a senior citizen, be prepared to save on your next cruise. Special cruise deals abound just for you. And sometimes those savings extend to family members who join you for the cruise.

6. Book Early It is best if you book early to get the lowest price instead of booking last minute. Cruise lines also honor price drops, so you can receive the lower price of the cruise package.

7. Stay tuned If you can't be flexible with your dates, stay up to date with your scheduled cruise. If the ship is not booking, you might be able to take advantage of a free upgrade or other promotions.

8. Find a cruise specialist Going through travel web sites or generalists might end up costing you more money. Only a travel agent who specializes in cruises will be able to get you the best rates.

9. Resident Specials Ask for the lower rates that apply to certain state residency, you may be pleasantly surprised!

10. Off Peak Travel Plan your trip for off peak travel months and you will get a better deal. Cruises easily fill up during the popular summer travel months and cruise lines have little to no incentive to offer lower prices. Off peak months may depend on what area of the world you wish to travel.

What are you waiting for? Your discount cruise ship has come in. Reserve your space today!

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