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Discount Travel Packages

We know you’re a smart shopper. You understand the value of a dollar. That’s why you contacted us in the first place. So why haven’t you grabbed one of our amazing discount travel packages, yet. It takes just a few minutes to become an exclusive member and start saving thousands of dollars on travel each year!


Just imagine taking the vacations you’ve always wanted...annual, semi-annual or even monthly vacations for the price of just one trip! This luxury can be yours. You simply just have to know where and how to shop. We’ll show you how!

If you’ve put off a vacation because you simply don’t have the money...think again. Our choice, wholesale deals can make your next summer, vacation or holiday an event to remember for the rest of your life for your entire family! The opportunities are limitless. Are you ready to save thousands of dollars on vacations for the entire family? Don’t pay for another vacation at full, retail price again!

Enjoy this room and this....
View from the outside!









Cruise...TOTAL BILL was ONLY $16.58 - Gloria (from Maryland) &
Catherine (From Delaware)

When I was activating my very first 3 day/2 night "complimentary vacation" from the travel package, I was a bit nervous about what to expect. I ordered an "Orlando" vacation several months earlier and although this vendor requested a 45 day notice, I decided only 30 days prior to attending the Coastal Seminar in March 2005, that I would like to see "how this package worked." I was also hoping I could "extend" my hotel stay for an extra day and expected to pay whatever the additional night's rate was. Since I had asked another Coastal associate to join me in experiencing the benefits of using the package, I was hoping our experience would be pleasurable. I had to check in first at a "welcome center" where I got the accommodation information. We were thrilled to find out that we would be staying at the Wingate Inn Universal (Orlando). Our guest room included free in-room amenities such as high-speed internet access, cordless phone and 2-line speaker phone with dataport, conference call and voice mail ability, coffee maker, iron & ironing board and safe. Although we did not use it, there was an indoor fitness center with a whirlpool and 24-hour business center that included a fax, copier and printer. There were several restaurants very close by however we decided to enjoy the 'yummy,' expanded, complimentary continental breakfast that is served from 6 AM - 10 AM daily. The voucher was extremely easy to use and the vendor was very pleasant. There is a $24. (non-refundable) processing fee. I will definitely request this vacation again. Oh, and for the BEST PART...the "normal" room rate for this time of year was $109/per night, however when we checked out the TOTAL BILL was ONLY $16.58 (and that even included the extra day)! Thank you Coastal!


Ever since we revealed this incredible secret about our exciting wholesale discounted travel packages, they’ve been
selling like hot cakes. But we can only negotiate a few package deals with major hotels, airlines, resorts and car rental firms. The rest of their rooms or seats are reserved for other customers paying full price. Don’t become one of those travelers paying steep retail prices.

We don’t want you to be disappointed or to miss out on this deal. Some of our Directors have made over $3,000 last week with our Discount Travel Packages.

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Then just imagine the warm sun in your face, the festivities, the tantalizing foods, the rides, the adventure!

The vacation of a lifetime awaits you and your financial freedom!


Clinton Douglas IV
CEO & Founder
Vasrue.com, INC


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