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Finding and Keeping LOVE - Preventing Extramarital Affairs
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In talking with people about their romantic relationships we have gradually realized that many couples or potential couples are not taking time for love! Many marriages and relationships are dying of neglect.
Why? People are simply NOT making their love relationships a priority in their lives. Relationships cannot survive in a vacuum.

What happens to couples in this kind of situation? Infidelity, loneliness, and divorce are often directly related to the myriad of distractions in everyday life.

We, all of us, are spending very little time with our significant other. So, give it some thought, what are you spending time doing instead of spending time with your significant other?

Most of us are NOT having fun doing all the stuff that distracts us from the most important relationships in our lives.

Here are some of the bad distractions we all struggle with.

1. Your boss, the most demanding human you know, wants too much of your time. ALL your time wouldn’t be enough for him or her.

2. Your mother (father, neighbor, friend, etc), who’s bored and lonely and wants you to keep them entertained.

3. Perky, the volunteer coordinator, who wants you to work hard FOR FREE to make them look good!

4. Housekeeping on your own space that takes too much time if you do it right.

5. Shopping for stuff that you don’t really need, can’t store, and can’t pay for without dipping into credit cards and your future financial health

6. Your car in which you spend hours a day commuting and/or hauling kids to every activity known to compulsive parents.

7. Your home, which is a brand new McMansion an hour or more commute from your work.

Go back and look at the list again. All of these things involve choices we can make to allow ourselves time to have relationships that are better and more rewarding. And it’s not just romantic choices. It can be all our relationships.

But…it’s all your choice. So…

Make better choices. You know, the old saying, “Think outside the box”? Well, do it!

Good loving IS worth it!

Good relationships take time and attention.

1. Work at home. If you are available, just at hand (so to speak), it’s good for your relationship.

2. Commute shorter distances. Why are you riding in the car when you could be making love?

3. Spend less time at work. A career is a way to make a living. As an old boss of ours used to say, “On payday, we’re even.” Work is NOT a life.

4. Spend less time with coworkers and more time with your lover. Is the first person you can reach your lover or a coworker you don’t love but will take in a pinch? See what we’re getting at? Infidelity MAY happen just because it’s all that’s available.

5. Manage your finances so that you have financial power over your own life and business. If you aren’t tied to an awful job by necessity, it’s good for you and everyone you love.

6. Buy medical insurance that is not tied to your job. Same reason as above.

7. Make sure your lifestyle choices don’t take over your life and force you to sacrifice your relationships to the financial pressures of keeping up with the Jones. Stuff is never an acceptable replacement for love.

It’s a personal decision whether or not you make love a priority over other things that demand your time. Choosing a short commute to work over a long one could mean you have more time for love. Make the choices that will mean you get and give more loving.

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Georgette Pauls knows what it takes to have a successful relationship. Unlike many “gurus” with multiple failed relationships, Georgette has had a happy romantic relationship for over 25 years. You can find more of her insights into relationships and preventing infidelity at

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