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Get some interesting info on Digital Photography

Wedding photography is also concerned with the portrait photography for a bride. Most brides will have an individual portrait of them in their bridal dress taken to be displayed at the wedding and later at the bride's home. If an entire package is bought, from engagement photos to reception photos, a bridal portrait is included. For many families of the bride, this portrait alone is one that they have dreamed of ever since the woman was a little girl. To capture this vision is very important and needs to be handled with great care and concern. The wedding photography business is a hot and lucrative occupation to be in. If attention to detail is given, a photographer can become well known and make a very good income by capturing intimate moments of a new relationship just beginning. Even though a photographer is behind the lens, the action they see will be caught for lifetimes to enjoy.



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Get some interesting info on Digital Photography (Continued)

How can I become a professional photographer? So many answers are available for this question. Photography school are everywhere, but if a person cannot attend photography classes on campus, becoming a professional photographer can be difficult. However, the New York Institute of Photography allows for anyone in the world to become a professional photographer via correspondence. But, by doing a little research at the library, on the internet, and possibly interviewing local photographers to find out how they got into the business, a person can easily become a professional photographer.

Depending on what is needed, the choice can seem overwhelming. One photography site that can help determine just what is right is Shortcourses. This site helps the consumer decide from the four major types of cameras as to which one fits their lifestyle. Digital photography is a great way to capture the images of an individual that will be seen for generations to come. By using digital photography instead of regular film, those memories will be perfect the first time. The choices of cameras are endless, and with the help of the internet, a person can make sure and choose the right camera that best fits their lifestyle and price range.


When you are selecting a digital camera for your use you might want to know more aobut items like the lens and the battery. A glass lens is preferable to a plastic lens. Do not skimp on the lens. It is best to choose an optical zoom lens over digital zoom. Many lower cost cameras do not have optical zoom lenses. Optical zoom is essential for better quality pictures. Optical zoom actually moves the lens to capture the image, while digital zoom captures fewer pixels and magnifies the captured image. Pictures taken with digital zoom are often blurry and look digitized. If you treasure your battery life, you can turn off LCD display on your digital camera. One of the most power-consumed parts in a camera is LCD display. In order to obtain clear display, LCD background illumination consumes power heavily (You can turn off the LCD display to save the power). For general Alkaline Battery or Ni-CD/Ni-MH battery, the power can last for around an hour (with LCD on) whereas for camera Lithium battery, it can last longer. In addition to LCD display, CCD (Charge Coupled Devices) also consumed lot of power. For those models that use LCD display as view finders, in order to drive CCD continuously, the power loading is heavy. Sometimes, the power of four dry batteries can only last for less than 30 minutes. Therefore, take a check of whether rechargeable batteries or charger are included in your camera package or whether other relevant charging information is mentioned.

The size is also important. Most children will definitely prefer a digital camera that is small and compact in size. The weight and size should be such that they are able to easily put the camera in their pocket or hang it by a string. Large and bulky models, even if they have better features are not advisable for children. It is also necessary to remember that even though you might gift your child a digital camera to click photographs for school projects, they will be using it to take pictures of their friends. So, look for some 'fun' features in the digital camera. These can include colorful background images or sound effects, photographic effects that they can use to enhance the images taken by them. One more thing is ease of use. It is important that the camera has a simple system through which children can easily take pictures quickly. However, you really do not need to worry about this aspect a lot because today's children have been born in the digital era. They are able to pick up things much faster than you or me, so as long as the camera is good in all other aspects, even if its 'click ability' is a little confusing, it does not really matter. They are fast learners these days!

Besides an improperly exposed photo, the other most common mistake beginning photographers (and sometimes the pros) make is not getting a photo that is in sharp focus. Choose the right shutter speed - Shutter speed means how long the shutter of your digital camera stays open. It's expressed as a fraction of a second, such as 1/30th or 160th or 1/400th. The slower the shutter speed, the longer the shutter is open, and the more likely your are to get a blurred picture. If your digital camera is in automatic mode, make sure the shutter speed the camera is showing is at least 1/125th. It's very hard to do get a sharp photo at a slower speed. For moving objects, you'll need a setting of at least 1/400th to stop the motion. If the auto mode is not showing a fast enough shutter speed, switch the camera to the shutter priority setting and set the shutter speed manually.

For photographing fireworks in the sky or at any reasonable distance, switch it off! All flash will do is illuminate any smoke or dust in front of the camera and spoil the picture. But if you are photographing people close by with, for example, sparklers or torches, you can get some exciting effects by combining flash illumination and a slow shutter speed (above). The flash illuminates people and freezes the scene but the long (slow sync) shutter speed lets bright moving objects, like sparklers, leave long trails. Look for settings like slow-sync flash or use a slow manual shutter speed - say, between 1/4 and a whole second, with the flash on. And finally, Take as many shots as you can. Fireworks don't demand highest resolution camera settings so you can use a lower resolution setting to get more shots out of your memory card.

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Get some interesting info on Digital Photography

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