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Getting Paid With Coastal

Grab a pen and a blank piece of paper. I'm going to show you how simple this program is. First, put your name in the middle of the paper at the top.

Draw a line down the center of the paper under your name. In the bottom right hand corner I want you to write 'Wish List,' and list 4 or 5 things you would love to have.

For the sake of this example, let's assume that you have purchased the Travel Package from me and are now selling the Travel Package for $4,995 retail.


On the left side of the line write Bob and Susan. These are your training sales that I do with you or that the sales center does for us both. And I keep Bob and Susan on my team. After these 2 sales you are a L2 Director! From here on you keep the profit from each of your personal L1 and L2 sales, plus the profit from that person's 2 training sales, and so on.

It gets better. Let me explain.

Now, on the right side of the line write Tom and Jerry. These are your first 2 sales as a Director. Tom paid you and Jerry paid you. On the right side in the corner, write in the dollar amount you have been paid. ($6,000 [$3000 a person on L2 sales!]). Now, along with these retail sales you now help these two people get started in their business, and train them just like I'm going to train you.

Let's say the following week that Tom and Jerry make just 2 sales each -- their training sales. So, now put Chris and Bill under Tom, and put Sally and Molly under Jerry. Who collects the $3,000 dollar
profit on each of those 4 training sales? YOU DO! Because you are their Director and these are Tom and Jerry's training sales. So add $12,000 to the $3,000 up in the corner.

Part way to a new car? Paid off the Visa? New TV? Now, Tom and Jerry become Directors and build their own teams. Hopefully, they'll upgrade to Level 3 soon. But you keep Chris, Bill, Sally, and Molly.

How much money have you made? 15 GRAND! How many sales have you personally made, besides the first 2 training sales?

TWO SALES -- Tom and Jerry! Do you see the potential here?

What does Chris  have to do to become a Director? Pay you his first two sales. How much money have you made now?

$18,000. How many people have you personally involved? FOUR --  including your first two training sales! Have you made a dent in your wish list? And this process continues to infinity.

It never ends! Do you see the potential here? Wouldn't you agree that this is really simple? Do you see how quick it could be? How quick it goes, is not up to you, unfortunately... we are at the mercy of how quickly our teams get out there and start promoting, so help them get out there fast.

How do you feel about getting paid directly? How soon do you want to cross things off your wish list?

This business is all about leverage, leveraging people's time, money and most of all... ADVERTISING & MARKETING which leads people to a sale center which closes your sales.

Now let's make it more interesting. We have modified the complan or accelerated it some, so you will earn money immediately if you are a serious player and join in at the highest levels.

So, this only affects those who come in at Premier and Platinum Levels.

If you come in at Premier for $4995. You will pass up two L2 or Premier Sales to get your L1 and L2 Director's Release. BUT you will instantly keep all your L1 sales and people, before you reach director and make $1000 commissions on those sales.

If you come in at Platinum for $11,000. You will pass up two L3 Platinum sales to your your L1, L2 and L3 Directors Release. BUT you will instantly keep all your L1 an Premier sales, earning $1000 or $3000 per sale before you reach your director's position.

Now with this accelerated quick money pay back system, you earn more faster, and can put your profits back into advertising, and allow for you to earn more without having to pass up your lower level sales.

What this does for you?

If makes people begin this business in the Higher Levels, and allows them to come in at L2 and L3 to make immediate commissions, which allows you to receive the higher commissions, when you join at those levels yourself.

So, before you part with your money, consider right now, joining at the Premier or Platinum levels and get started working and training with Jeff Mills immediately.

If you have any questions, just ask. I’m here to help.


Clinton Douglas IV
CEO & Founder
Vasrue.com, INC

P.S. Call my center now and let's change your situation immediately 1- 800-378-1169 ID 5523CD