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Going to Job Interviews is Tense Business, but Somebody's Got To Do It by Neoli Marcos

Going to a job interview is tense, it's frightening, but, surprise, it's fun. Contrary to popular belief, job interviewers don't bite. They sincerely want to see you do good in the interview, specially if the position needs to be filled right away. Trust us, they're not stingy with job opportunities, but of course they can't just get any person. Which is why at the very start you should make them see that you're exactly what they're looking for.

Okay, so where's the fun part so far? Well, just consider this: the fact that you've been scheduled for a job interview means somebody checked your resume out in that job search website where you posted it, and decided that, hmmm, you're a promising candidate, so let's give her or him a call. Yey! This alone should cheer you up because out of all the hundreds of resumes drifting in online job search out there, yours hooked the hiring managers' attention; they're interested. Now all you need to prove is that they have every right to be.
Are you In or Out or Fun? Keep up the fun spirit then. Bring it with you during the interview. No, we're not asking you to wear feathered boa or a tophat to the interview for the sake of fun. Not too many hiring managers appreciate the humor in that. Instead, be fun inside and it'll come right out of you effortlessly and more effectively. Job interviewers will certainly respond more positively to a sunny applicant than to a dull one trembling with nervousness.

When answering interview questions for instance, be bubbly, spontaneous, and creative with your answer. Thousands of online job search have dispensed advices on the right response to classic interview questions such as: Why are you applying for the job? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How do you see yourself five years from now? How do your contemporaries perceive you? What have been your achievements? What salary are you looking for? We're not asking you to bungle or murder your answers just for the sake of the fun spirit. But be kind to job interviewers too; don't give them answers that everyone else keeps giving them. Make your answers your very own, and interviewers will be more likely to remember you. If you get asked what are your main achievements in life, and you say falling in love, it's perfectly okay and well-noted, but be sure to follow it up with other concrete examples. The point is, given those standard and pretty much no-nonsense questions, this is your opportunity to show your interviewers that there is a better answer to them.

Going to job interviews is tense business, but somebody's got to do it. Job opportunities need not be out of reach. Stare that job opportunity in the eye and declare that you two belong together!


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