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How To Win Your Wife Back When You’ve Made a Terrible Mistake
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You really messed up this time. Regardless of what you did, you know it hurt her and there’s no going back. Is there anything you can do to mend her heart or this situation? There’s never a right or wrong way to respond. Responses and reactions are fueled by your own emotions and pain. But here are a few tips to heal her heart:

Listen. If you’ve never been a good listener, now is the time to make a turn for the better. Active listening involves little talk and lots of eye contact and empathy. It means putting your own defensive reactions aside and acting as a neutral venting board. When faced with anger and resentment, the most common response is to fight back. Instead, let her talk, cry, scream and express herself without judgment. Be attentive at all times and show her, through actions and words, that she is the most important person in your life. This means stopping what you’re doing when she needs you or enters the room. When she talks, don’t offer solutions or try to fix the problem. Just listen.

Give Her Space. One of the best ways to show a woman you care is by allowing her the space to grieve and process her thoughts and emotions. Silence sometimes says more than a thousand red roses. When she’s ready to talk or yell, be receptive and open. When she needs space, grant her this.

Be Willing To Grow. Let her know that you’ve learned from this experience and that you’re willing to grow from and beyond it. This might be an ideal opportunity to attend couples or individual counseling sessions to garner professional input. Stay open-minded and accept new challenges with grace.

Live Your Words. If she’s persistently asked for co-parenting assistance with the kids or housework, start working. It’s one thing to say you’re sorry and willing to change, but it’s another to live your words. Mirror the man she’s always wanted, and the one she fell in love with years ago.

Give Your Marriage a Fighting Chance. Regardless of what she says, there is a transition period between saying it’s over and the relationship’s actual dissolution. Both of you are in an emotional state right now, and it’s time to process the changes and your overwhelming feelings. Men sometimes respond by drinking more, escaping at bars or hanging out with the guys. But this may only exasperate the issue. Deal with your emotions in healthy ways. Eat well, exercise and take care of yourself.

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