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How I Made Twenty Thousand Dollars From Three Hours' Work


Several months ago, I wrote a short special report that I entitled, "How To Make $1000 - $2000 In 24 Hours Or Less!"

I wrote that report BECAUSE I had so many people emailing me with financial emergencies. So, I sat down and basically brainstormed for a hour, then spent another hour polishing my notes into an ebook (special report). Then I spent roughly another hour gathering (and incorporating) feedback on my draft and writing a very crude sales letter.


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How I Made Twenty Thousand Dollars From Three Hours' Work (Continued)

I offered that special report on a forum, and to my list, for $5. I also included provisions for anyone purchasing the special report to resell it (using a link that I provided inside the report), and earn 100% commission, which was instantly paid to their Paypal account.

I basically gave that report a little push and let the viral nature of it take over. I spent about 3 hours to initially get it into the marketplace.

Recently, I logged in to glance at my statistics and saw that I had made 4156 sales for that report. That translates into $20,780 for 3 hours work. That report has also generate well over 1000 backend sales, thousands of subscribers, and even several joint

I'm sharing this with you because I want you to see that many of the VERY simple ideas that you read everyday do work!

That simple report sprang from noticing a problem that I could easily offer a solution to. Implementing the special report involved using an idea I got from reading a $7 ebook written by Jonathan Leger. Jonathan's ebook called "$7 Secrets" described how you could quickly and easily generate thousands of dollars with simples short reports... using his scripts (which are included free with the ebook) to power your sales process.

You can read about Jonathan's ebook and the scripts, which sells for a mere $7, at:

You can see how I implemented what I learned in that $7 ebook here:

Since spending those 3 hours creating and rolling out the product I have made revisions to the ebook based upon feedback, and I have added testimonials to my sales page. So, now I probably have closer to 5 hours invested in it. So, that does reduce my return-on-investment down to approximately $5000 per hour!

At this point you're probably wondering what made that special report such a success. Certainly, not all such reports do as well. Part of my secret is that I gave it the first BIG push by running a $20 ad on an internet marketing discussion forum. I've run similar ads
a number of times with great results. In fact, I even wrote a special report detailing how I did that.

I wrote a special report called "Secrets Of The $10,000 Warrior Special Offer" where I outlined how I've placed several of these ads (which costs $20 each) and had them each earn me incredibly profits. You can read about that special report at:

By now, you're probably wondering what the POINT of this article is. Actually, there are several points.

The first point is that you don't need a huge idea, or to create a big product, to do well in the information marketing business. MOST of the ebooks that I write are under 50 pages, with many of them being under 20 pages. As already mentioned, I can write these in just a matter of hours.

A second point is that simple ideas that thousands of others looked at and then "think about" can, an DO, produce amazing results when acted upon! Instead of thinking about it, you just need to actually just do it!

The point of this article is to provide you with proof that many of the simple ideas that you read, or even think up yourself, can be very profitable. The only real secrets lies in the expression "Nothing Happens Until Something Moves!" The key is merely in
the implementation... in the doing.

If a tobacco farmer, and a ex-soldier can do it, then you probably can too... but only if you're willing to get up and get going :-)

Make today the day that you finally get into action!

I should add a disclaimer. My results are certainly NOT typical. I have 11 years

experience actually learning, testing, and putting into practice what I've learned. So, it's probably not realistic for you to expect to equal my results. However, even if
you do only a fraction as well as I did, isn't that still a fantastic return on the time invested?

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