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Pay Off Mortgage - "How to Pay Off your Mortgage 2x as Fast as you Currently are"....

There's a simple way to pay off your mortgage, save tons of interest, and it's easy to do.

See, right now, the majority of your mortgage payments are going to interest. To pay off your mortgage you'll need to make sure your payments are going to the principle.

If you lower the principle on your mortgage now, instead of throughout the duration of the term, you’ll save tons of money and pay off your mortgage at lightening speed. You're going to have to pay that principle on your mortgage one way or another, but why pay all the interest with it?


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Pay Off Mortgage - "How to Pay Off your Mortgage 2x as Fast as you Currently are"... (Continued)

But when and how often?

To successfully pay off your mortgage 2x as fast pay the principle on your mortgage... each month. Simply pay a little extra money into your mortgage payment each month.

Paying off your mortgage early is really like making an investment. No, you don't ever get the money back directly, but you will reap the rewards later, in interest savings and debt free living.


You don't want to pay more than you have to, but you do want to pay off your mortgage as fast as possible. The easiest method to pay off your mortgage this way is to simply calculate 3-4% of your monthly mortgage payment. That 3-4% will then become the amount of extra money that pays off your mortgage faster. It's your principle payment.

To do this all you have to do is take an extra check of whatever 3-4% happens to be, and make a note to your bank that you want the additional money applied to the principle on the loan.

This shouldn't put too much extra stress on you, but it can help you to pay off your mortgage MUCH faster.

WARNING: you must write 'for prepaid principle' on the extra check. If you don't the bank will just count it towards next month's payment and you won't pay off your mortgage ANY faster.

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pay off your mortgage

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