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Glamour Meets Sunshine on The Las Vegas Strip

Tucked away in an unexpected locale – a desert – you’ll find an unexpected, glittering weekend get-away. The Las Vegas strip lights up is the city that never sleeps. Pack your days with more golf, dining, gambling, shows and nightlife than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Most famous for its casinos, the fun begins when you exit the plane into a lobby full of slot machines. Take your chances on the nickel slots, or take higher risks with dollar slots. The Strip is lined with some of the city’s most famous hotels including spectacularly themed resorts. Relive the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age at the MGM Grand. Enter a magical land at Aladdin’s resort; Experience the glorious Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas; Go medieval and experience the legend of King Arthur at Excalibur, or enjoy exotic pool-side drinks at the Tropicana. Bringing the kids? Visit the legendary Circus Circus, a thrilling casino and theme park with 21 rides and attractions all-in-one.


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Glamour Meets Sunshine on The Las Vegas Strip - Con't

Hop resort-to-resort on the pedestrian-lined boulevard and test your luck on Blackjack, Craps or Roulette. Most casinos serve free drinks to those patrons at the tables or slots.

So remember to flag someone down. Vegas is famous for its outlandish shows, from magic and musicals to impersonators, showgirls and comedy shows. With its extraordinary concert halls, Vegas also draws headline singers and Broadway musicals.

But before the show, be sure to get in a few rounds of golf on sunny courses favored by millions since the early 1950’s, or pamper yourself in some of the nation’s most glamorous spas. The warm, desert climate makes Vegas comfortable year-round.

And last, but certainly not least, cupid may strike without notice and lead you to a charming drive-through chapel at 2 AM. With no legal waiting period, you simply need a valid ID and cash to tie the knot – Vegas-style. Learn more about fantastic travel and accommodation specials at Vasrue.com Travel, today.

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Great Things To Do In Las Vegas Besides Gambling

If you want to visit Las Vegas but you are not really into the gambling scene, that isn't a problem. There are many things that the non-gambler can do in Las Vegas. Of course, the big shows are always available. Some of the most popular shows in Las Vegas are Cirque Du Soleil, Elton John and Celine Dion and of course, the fantastic magic of David Copperfield and Lance Burton. But Las Vegas has so much more to offer and there is something for everyone.

If you like to eat, Las Vegas is the place for you. Las Vegas attracts some of the best chefs from all over the world. You can sit down for a romantic dinner for two or you can take the whole family to one of the many buffets where you get a chance to try all the delicious offerings from salad to dessert.

Sight seeing on the Strip will dazzle the senses. The fountains dance at the Belagio and the volcano rumbles at the Mirage. Just next door at Treasure Island, the pirates battle it out to the end. In today's Las Vegas the casinos are more then just a place to gamble. The artistry that goes into the design of each casino is a sight to behold. At the Paris Hotel and Casino you can walk the cobbled streets of Paris and enjoy France without ever leaving the USA. You can even take a trip up into the Eiffel Tower. New York New York takes you to the city of skyscrapers and the Luxor allows you to lose yourself in Egypt. Afraid your feet will get tired from walking from one casino to the next? Las Vegas has a complete tram system that takes you from one end of the strip to the other. Riding the tram is an experience in itself. You get to see Las Vegas from a whole new point of view.

Shopping in Las Vegas is like having the world at you finger tips. The famous Fashion Show Mall is right on the Strip. The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace offers the latest in designer fashion as well. You can find it all in Las Vegas from Gucci to Versachi. However, if you love shopping but high fashion isn't what you are looking for and you love bright colors and funny faces, try M&M World. M&M World is three floors of pure fun and it's right next door to the World of Coca-Cola.

As the sun goes down, Las Vegas becomes a wonderland of light. The glow of Las Vegas can be seen for miles. One of the great places to be after the sun goes down is Freemont Street. The Freemont Street Experience will undoubtedly take your breath away. A light show that is choreographed to music is displayed on a canopy that stretches the whole length of the old downtown strip. The atmosphere is full of excitement as well. Vendors offer some unusual gift items as well as the standards such as T-shirts. Artists display their talents as well. Painters who paint fantastic landscapes and moonscapes with spray paint to performance artists that dress as robots and are so convincing that it astounds.

If you enjoy visiting museums, you will not be disappointed. At the Venetian, you can tour the great Madam Tussaud's of Las Vegas or enjoy viewing works by Monet and Picasso at the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum. There are many more museums and displays throughout Las Vegas. You can see the car that was the last means of escape for Bonnie and Clyde and artifacts from the Titanic are on display at the Tropicana.

Tours are a great way to spend time in and around Las Vegas. You can book a Helicopter and tour the city from the sky or a short distance from Las Vegas is the great Hoover Dam. You can take a tour deep into the dam and learn the history of the dam and the people who built it.

Don't skip Vegas because you have kids. Las Vegas has plenty to offer the kids, too.

Every kid, big and small, loves a Circus and Circus Circus has the world's largest permanent indoor circus. Animals are also a hit with the kids. At the Mirage, everyone in the family will enjoy the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat where they can see the dolphins up close. The Tiger habitat is also a must-see at the Mirage.

The whole family can have a great time on the various amusement rides that are still offered up and down the strip in Las Vegas. Not for the faint of heart are the roller coasters. New York New York, the Sahara and the Stratosphere all offer heart stopping roller coaster rides. For those that like the thrill of the roller coaster but feel safer knowing that they aren't hurtling down a track, The Luxor and Circus Circus offer motion rides.

After the thrills and chills of coasters and motion you can also kick back with something more relaxing, but just as much fun. Travel to Italy - by way of the Venetian Hotel and Casino and enjoy a gondola ride complete with singing Gondoliers.

There is one thing that can be done in Las Vegas that isn't really done anywhere else. It's a treasure hunt of sorts. Many Casinos in Las Vegas have coupon books that they give to people just for coming in. Sure there are coupons for game play but the real treasures are the coupons for free souvenirs, free or discounted meals and even free entertainment. It's always fun to see exactly what you will find at the next casino.

Las Vegas has some of the best accommodations offered anywhere, comfortable rooms, and pool areas that can't be beat. After a great day doing everything that Las Vegas offers for the non-gambler, just kick back and relax.

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