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**You CAN MAKE money with Coastal**

It's Clinton Douglas here, from the Coastal Sales Center.

Remember, they do almost all the work and you get paid $1000 per sale.

Features and Benefits of Your Call Center doing the work for you:

Your call center will close your sales for you - this is the key to your system. You don't have to talk to anyone, EVER. You can if you want to!

Your call center will collect the money and send it to you priority mail, right to your door, everyday you earn a $1000 payment. If you are too lazy to deposit checks in the bank, maybe this is NOT the
right business for you, I mean, after all, there is a limit to how lazy you have to be to make money here.


Your call center will follow up with prospects over time, so you don't have to, again, you don't have to talk to anyone EVER. You just place ads online and offline.

Your call center will let you log in to a website and track your progress, while seeing our sales associates notes and follow-up plans on the prospects who have called in about your ads! This
proves the system is working and you see your ad results, instead of wondering if anyone ever responded.

Your call center allows you to get involved in the process, if you desire to as well. If you are a Coastal Member currently, or if you join and use the call center, you can build your business in other
marketing areas, OUTSIDE the call center. Have multiple Coastal income streams coming to you, through your marketing. But you still need to get two sales through the call center system to be "income qualified."

Your call center will be staffed with the highest caliber of phone talent, without doing any "high pressure" closes. You can call them and test them yourself, and see if they pass your test.

Your call center will continue this process indefinitely, while creating possible endless powerlegs of people who are advertising to send you their first two sales. Just sit back and collect $1000 checks, over and over. Imagine what a payline of 5 or 20 people will do for you! I have a 400 person payline already! They owe me 2 sales each! When they all get their two sales, that is worth a ton of money to me. And the call center has room to grow to over 100 sales associates each closing 20 sales a day.

And now let me tell you this. We just launched our new cutting edge and special ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM, JUST for the Sales Center.

It has a flash movie presentation that will knock your socks off.

It will follow up with autoresponders, like I am with you.

It will invite your leads to a live Q and A call where we answer all their questions.

Then it will do something that no other system online will do....

It will close your prospects for you, and you will not have to talk to anyone.

You see, on our live Q and A calls, we will close the people on the call for you. Then send them to call into the Sales center for you with the toll free # and also use your UNIQUE ID.

Wanna have a secret listen to our calls this week and hear for yourself?

Dial in at 212-461-5800 pin: 4433# 9:00 pm Eastern, Mon-Thurs.

Which level interests you the most?

Level 1, Premier or Platinum. Where you earn $1000 $3000 or $6500 in commissions, sent by priority mail.

To get all the info you would like about the call center, go here: www.followyourdreamsnow.com

Call the call center today and get started immediately.

Stop procrastinating, I just made another $4000 while you were working at the job you hate. Get started now, I will help you!

--->> (800) 378-1169 <<--- When asked for, give my ID# 5523CD

You can join right now, http://5523cd.wecloseyoursales.biz/Site/contact.asp

May God Bless you,
Clinton Douglas IV
Vasrue.com, Inc



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