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Make Money Online: 3 Great Ways to Profit from Google Adsense

Many people who frequent the online money making forums get really sick of all the work at home scams, Nigerian Scams and other online scams that they start despairing and tell themselves that there is no such thing as an internet income. If you fall within this category or are just starting out online, this article is for you.

Google Adsense is a program where anyone can signup with Google and create an account. You then simply select the type of advertisement that you would like to put on your website and then paste the code into your site and you are ready to make money.


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Make Money Online: 3 Great Ways to Profit from Google Adsense (Continued)

Your goal now after doing this is to work on increasing the amount of website traffic to your website as you earnings depend on how many people visit your website and click on the Adsense Advertisements on your website or blog.

This article will explain three simple time tested ways on how you can profit from the Google Adsense Advertising program and make money from it.

1. Make Money from a High Traffic Blog

People flock to blogs because they get to read what other people are writing about and if the subject matter is interesting enough, they get to participate in the discussion online. Blogs attract large amounts of website traffic because each time you finish posting on your blog, the major Blog Aggregators will be informed via a ping from your server and if people like the title of your post, they will start coming onto your blog.

One common tactic being used today in blogging is link baiting where you write about a controversial topic and all of a sudden, many blogs start linking to you and sending traffic to your blog. Thus you will start earning more from the increased traffic via
Adsense Clickthroughs.

2. Build Small Content Niche Sites

Build a great content site that has good content that people will be willing to link to and give you traffic. The key to building a great website is to target keywords that people are searching for so that you can get large amounts of website traffic from the internet. Then put together a simple website for this. A great free tool that I use for keyword research is: to determine keywords that generate huge amounts of website traffic.

I would suggest that if you are new to this, you can start with a blog and see if people are interested in the keywords and topics that you write about and then after that once you establish that you can make money from that topic, spin it off and start a small content website. The key as mentioned above is to get website traffic.


3. Community Based Sites

You might want to consider starting a community portal like Friendster or an Article Directory where people constantly return to the website to submit articles, blogs, comments and this would result in a high amount of website traffic to your website and
increased Adsense Revenue.

For example, you might want to brainstorm on all your interests and maybe start out with a forum on your favourite topic and then progress to build a larger portal. This concept is huge and if done well can get you lots of money.

In conclusion, the key to making money online with adsense is generating quality website traffic. All the ebooks on making money with adsense that you see out there online do not mean anything if you do not generate great amounts of website traffic to your website. Start with one of the three money making ideas above and spend your energy and focus on increasing your website traffic and you will start making serious money online with Adsense. Take Massive action today and make strides to reach your online monetary dreams.

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