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SEO Book: The New Internet Marketing Bible

Aaron Matthew Wall, author of SEO Book: A New Chapter Every Day, offers his reader much more than they’ll find in any other Internet Marketing book on the market. Believe me, I’ve read more books on SEO than I care to admit. But they all left me unchallenged, insulted and disappointed. But Wall’s book is the most comprehensive, clear and knowledgeable book I’ve found or read to date

Wall admits: “There are many guides to how and where to start on the web, most of them are laced with affiliate links and bogus recommendations. The goal of this guide is what I had wished I read when I jumped on the web a few years ago.” Meticulously written and researched, SEO Book is 290 pages of easy-to-read, solid industry guidance for anyone who wants to make sense of the mesmerizing and exciting world of search engine optimization.

The truth is, most authors out to sell an ebook on SEO are looking for instant wealth. One book in particular pushes its own affiliate program so hard throughout the text that its no wonder this ebook, or shall I say sales pitch, is top ranked on the search engines. If you’re looking for real knowledge and practical search engine optimization solutions, SEO Book is your answer.

In his book, Wall explains the value of proper SEO campaign planning, development and launch, helping you avoid the costly drain of paid Internet advertising. He also explores the dangers inherent in using search engine optimization in overly manipulative ways, which only leads to blocking from top-ranking search engines all-together. Wall offers step-by-step guidance on building a powerful website to achieve optimal organic, or non-paid, rankings and how to develop your own successful web-based business. This book even covers the value of blogs and content management systems, plus advanced topics like usability, scripting, hacks and web design standards, subjects most other Internet Marketing books can’t and won’t touch, as they’re typically written by people who lack a passion for and solid knowledge in Internet Marketing.

The depth and diversity of information covered in Wall’s book makes it an ideal top-to-bottom read or reference guide for the neophyte, beginner, professional and Internet or bricks-and-mortar entrepreneur looking to gain traction on the web. With enough dedication and commitment, the reader should be able to save a lot of money on SEO Consulting services in the end. This alone, added to the traffic and sales achievable using his techniques, can cover the price of the book and more.

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