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Sean Paul Turns Up The Temperature

Whether you’re just tuning in to dancehall reggae star Sean Paul with his new hit single ‘Temperature’ or you’ve been a fan since mega hit album ‘Dutty Rock’ (2002) or Stage One (2000), one thing you’ll find in his unique style is a sexy, urban beat that permeates the dance floor and your soul. He’s already taken home the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album (Dutty Rock), the 2005 Billboard Music Award for Selling Reggae Artist of the Year and Top Selling Reggae Album of the Year (The Trinity). He was further nominated for the Grammy Award’s Best Male Rap Solo Performance and Best New Artist. What’s next on the horizon?

Sean Paul’s roots began in Jamaica, where his two parents were skilled athletes and many of his family members were swimmers. Paul himself played on the national water polo team for seven years, stopping when he reached age 21 to peruse a music career. He began work as a DJ and started penning his own lyrics at a young age. His hit singles attracted local Jamaican attention only ten years ago, in 1996. His debut single ‘Baby Girl was followed by ‘Nah Get No Bly (One More Try’, ‘Excite Me’ and ‘Infiltrate’. His later work with Mr. Vegas on a collaborative piece ‘Here Comes the Boom’ joining rapper DMX earned American audience attention. This success created a domino effect with Sean Paul’s song ‘Hot Gal Today’ rising to the Top Ten Billboard rap charts. His first album was launched in 2000, a compilation of hit singles and new tracks.

His second album Dutty Rock (VP/Atlantic) hit international attention in 2002, earning five top ranking hit singles and RIAA double-platinum status in the United States. Worldwide, the album sold six million copies. Of his success, Sean Paul says on his website  “Sometimes I almost have to sit down and ask myself, ‘Did we really do all that?’ Almost six million records sold? That’s crazy! Years ago that was just a dream. Well, it’s time to make it happen again.”

His latest album, The Trinity (2005), combines some of the hottest producing talent in the genre and is the result of three years’ work. While still party tunes, the new album, already making a stir on the airwaves, marks a growth benchmark for the artist, expanding songs into three verses and a bridge with deeper lyrics. In a more serious tune, Sean Paul pays homage to a friend gunned down on the streets of Kingston, where he’s from, in ‘Never Gonna Be The Same.’ The Trinity represents the unity of three and the third stage of his musical journey which began in 1999 with ‘Stage One’. From the smashing dance beat of ‘We Be Burnin’’, the first released single, to the reggae/hip-hop touch in ‘Temperature’, Sean Paul’s latest album is sure to burn up the charts.

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