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Sheep Belong In The Pasture Not In Your Bed

What’s keeping you up at night – parenting, work stress, your bed partners’ snoring? A large number of men and women go without adequate sleep every day, leading to frustrations, agitation, illness vulnerability, fatigue and an inability to concentrate. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes can aggravate this even more.


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According to WebMD Medical News writer Miranda Hitti, sleep deprivation can even blur moral judgment. In a study testing 26 healthy, active-duty military personnel at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Maryland, subjects were asked to deal with fictional dilemmas both before and after 53 hours of wakefulness. Those studied showed clear signs of slower or impaired judgment when sleep deprived, even when given basic day-to-day decisions.

To ensure you get adequate sleep:

  • Create a comfortable sleeping zone by setting the temperature of your bedroom just right.
  • Make sure you’re not too hungry before you go to bed.
  • Try white-noise generators to block out small sounds that might alert or arouse you.
  • Get the right mattress for your own personal comfort.
  • Wear an eye mask and/or use light-blocking window coverings to avoid light disturbances.
  • Treat snoring problems with nasal strips, sprays or oils. If your problem is intense, see a physician.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk before bed. Milk contains tryptophan, which is a sleep-inducing chemical.
  • Try aromatherapy solutions by applying lavender or special relaxation essential oils blends just before bed.
  • If all else fails, sleep medication, when recommended by a physician, can help in the short-term.


As with all chronic problems, if you experience persistent difficulty falling asleep, exhaustion even after a full night’s sleep, frequent or early morning waking, check with your physician. You may have a sleep disorder that requires specialized treatment.

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