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Spa At Home Tips For Moms

Busy moms need time to relax, too. If you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom with too much to do, take some time for yourself. Schedule an at-home spa day where you can be alone and relax.

The first thing is to set aside time to pamper your body and your mind. Once a month is a healthy way to rejuvenate and get away from the daily grind of life. This time can be the same day every month or schedule it when you need it most.


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Give your spouse plenty of advance warning. Let him know that he will have the kids for the duration of the day--out of the house. You can plan with him what activities to do to keep the kids occupied.

Before spa day arrives, gather all of the items that are needed to make this day special for you. If you choose soothing music as the backdrop for your day, have a CD player and all of your favorite music at the ready. If you plan a pedicure or manicure, assemble the foot spa, necessary salts and creams, and nail polish.

When the day arrives, awake when you feel refreshed. Tell your spouse and the kids not to wake you when they leave. When you finally awake, taking a long shower or a soothing bath will bring you back to life.

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast that you don't have to cook. Keep it light with a bowl of cereal and fruit or yogurt with granola on top. Read the morning paper or begin the day with your favorite devotional book. To further awaken the senses and the body, try a brief twenty minute yoga routine.

What's next? Start with the feet. Let them soak in a warm foot spa bath. A pumice stone will smooth rough heels and remove dead skin. Peppermint foot cream keeps feet tingling. Finish with a fresh coat of nail polish.
The hands need pampering as well. Soak nails in a soapy solution to clean the cuticles and nail beds. Massage your entire hand in the solution. When dry, clip any hang nails and push back cuticles with an orange stick. Use a moisturizing hand cream to soften cuticles.

While you are applying your favorite nail polish, watch a movie.
Enjoy a cooking free lunch and a walk to get some fresh air. Feeling a bit tired? Finish the day with a nap before the husband and the kids return.

The day will seem much too short, but you will feel better. You have received a day of spa treatment for a fraction of the cost at the spa.

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