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Testing John Reese’s Website Traffic Secrets


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Testing John Reese’s Website Traffic Secrets (Continued)

A short time ago, decided to put John Reese’s Traffic Secrets to the test to see if our results lived up to the site’s promise. The Traffic Secrets program is a hugely popular Internet Marketing course which includes step-by-step guidance and strategies anyone can use to generate consistent streams of qualified leads and prospects to their website. In fact, the site claims the product can offer “Nearly Unstoppable Floods Of Targeted Leads To ANY Website.” Did it work?

After purchasing the program, we received five DVDs, five CD video tutorials, three bonus DVDs, a bonus CD tutorial, several workbooks and a training guide, plus handouts and blueprints. We watched and studied all of the materials. Then our marketing team went to work.

One of the most important concepts we learned from the program is tracking. But not just your standard lead tracking, John Reese gives detailed instruction on methods marketers should use to conduct detailed split testing, then analyze and assess results. He shows you what Google offers it’s AdWord customers, how to use tools readily available and when to get rid of ineffective ads.

Once we established detailed keywords for tracking and testing, added features to improve our product’s ‘shelf life’, as recommended in John Reese’s Traffic Secrets. This technique increased sign-up interest dramatically and helped us expand our contacts database.

Putting each principle in place, slowly incorporating each technique, we garnered immediate results. The program drove monumental traffic to our site and doubled our revenue. As results poured in, we worked even more aggressively. Thus far, using a small investment of just $500 to cover targeted Google AdWords, earned $6,000 increased revenue in just two weeks following implementation of John Reese’s Traffic Secrets.

While skeptical at the outset, the exceptional results and ROI achieved using this program turned every member on our marketing team into a believer. John Reese’s Traffic Secrets really do work. For more articles on Internet Marketing, relationships, real estate and more, visit the Articles of Vasrue at, today!


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