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Web Site Traffic Promotion - Does John Reese’ Traffic Secrets Really Work?


Have you ever wondered if a web advertisement truly lived up to its name? decided to put John Reese’ Traffic Secrets to the ultimate test and reveal whether or not the site’s claims really work. For this series, we’ve purchased his product and will implement each of his strategies and tactics on, sharing the results with you. Will the plan succeed or fail? Is the path to greatness just around the corner? Follow this series and find out for yourself.


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Web Site Traffic Promotion - Does John Reese’ Traffic Secrets Really Work? (Continued)

If you’re not familiar with the John Reese Traffic Secrets system, let me offer some background. The site promises a complete A-to-Z, step-by-step multimedia course exposing strategies and tactics anyone can use to generate consistent streams of qualified leads and prospects to their website. In fact, the site claims the product can offer “Nearly Unstoppable Floods Of Targeted Leads To ANY Website.”

On, John gives readers countless testimonials from happy customers across various industries. He then dispels the myths behind website ownership. Many people create ecommerce websites believing these very myths, but learning far too quickly that they’re sadly mistaken.

These myths include:

  1. “If You Build It, They Will Come…” John claims that his simple step-by-step instructions, followed correctly, will dramatically increase website traffic.


  1. “Get a Guaranteed #1 Position in …” John claims he’ll share with you the best strategy to attract huge amounts of free search engine traffic, regardless of the frequency of algorithm changes.


  1. “Submit to 7,835 Search Engines…” John promises to teach his course participants all of the secrets behind traffic generation using a number of specially created ‘search engine bait’ website pages to funnel traffic into your main site.


  1. “Email 45,000,000 People…” John promises to show his course participants easy ways to tap into existing customer and newsletter lists, generating thousands of dollars in risk-free sales.


  1. “10,000,000 Guaranteed Hits For Only…” John explains the importance of visitors vs. hits. 


The entire Traffic Secrets kit, priced at $997.00 (or three easy payments of $347.00 each month), includes five DVDs covering John’s recent seminar valued at $4,500 per person, five CD video tutorials, three bonus DVDs, a bonus CD tutorial and several workbooks including a training guide, handouts and blueprints. Will it work? We’ll find out. Tune in for our next installment of this important Internet Marketing series.

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