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Wedding Themes: Create your own extraordinary wedding

Wedding themes are a great way for couples to get focused on all of the individual aspects of their wedding celebration. Creating wedding themes can be as simple as picking certain colors or as elaborate as your budget will allow. This article will give you just a few examples of how a good wedding theme can be incorporated tastefully into your ceremony or reception and make your special day a memorable one for everyone involved.



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Wedding Themes: Create your own extraordinary wedding (Continued)

The idea of using an unique wedding theme is increasingly popular today for many reasons. For many the reason is that the traditional wedding is simply pricing them out. For others it is the desire to be different, bigger, and grander than the nuptial event before it. Fortunately, the modern bride can have both or either because with a unique wedding theme the young couple can chose to include or omit each individual element of the wedding and since each celebration is different, who is to say that anything is missing as long as you have a bride and groom committing themselves to each other for a lifetime of love and support.

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Butterflies are a timeless symbol of promise and transformation, and butterfly wedding themes are a popular tradition.
~-~- Fun Wedding Theme Tip ~-~-~-


Bridal magazines are full of ideas for theme weddings. Carrying out the theme can be just a small touch, such as wearing an antique or reproduction gown, or a full-scale production in which guests are asked to come in costume.

If you can't think of a theme wedding favor idea, one good way for you to start is to think about things that are included in or that reflect the theme. For instance, if you are having an Asian theme wedding, there are great Asian wedding favors available all over the place including the internet that all have Asian designs. Some of these samples include fortune cookies, chopsticks and take-out boxes and there are a lot of beautifully designed favors with these designs at even dollar stores these days. Some of my favorites are a fortune cookie place-card holder, a silver take-out box that has the names of the couple engraved on it.

Planning your ceremony and reception around a unique theme is the perfect way to set your wedding apart from the ordinary and make it a fun, memorable and enjoyable time for everyone.

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Wedding Themes: Create your own extraordinary wedding

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