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You’ve joined the latest craze, bought an iPod and opened the box. Now you’re a bit perplexed as to how to actually use this nifty little gadget. Here’s a few basic tips to get your click-wheel rolling, applicable to most models:

Where’s the Battery ?
  You’ll find the iPod doesn’t require battery replacement, but instead charges directly through your computer. Each time you plug it in to your USB port, your iPod charges itself for future use.
How can I scroll through songs?
  The iPod click-wheel is touch-sensitive. Just touch the wheel and rub your finger in a circle clockwise or conter-clockwise to find the song, photo, address book listing or other selection you need.
Can I transfer songs from my iPod to my computer?
  Songs cannot move from iPod to computer as easily as they do vice versa. You can, however, use your iPod as an external drive to back-up or transport your tnes, or any other files. But keep in mind, this does take space away from your song capacity. Save your iTnes library to a back-up server, external hard drive or other device. Otherwise should your computer crash, and all computers have a terminal lifespan, you can potentially lose all of your music files.
How do I make a playlist?
  You can only create and organize Playlists on your desktop iTnes application. To create a playlist, open iTnes and click file/new playlist. Then name your playlist and add the songs you’d like from your library via drag/drop.
How do I fast forward or rewind through a song?
  To fast forward, simply click the center button to cycle through various song play options (volume, song duration, lyrics, rating and album cover). When you get to song duration, run your finger in a circle around the click wheel to get to the point you’d like.
How do I turn my iPod on or off ?
  The iPod is intuitive. Just touch the click wheel or click the center button to turn it on. When your done, just lie it down. It’ll shut off on its own when left inactive.
All new technology is confusing at first. But with these tips and some trial and error, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an iPod seasoned expert.
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