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Glamour Meets Sunshine on The Las Vegas Strip - Article by

Tucked away in an unexpected locale - a desert - you'll find an unexpected, glittering weekend get-away. The Las Vegas strip lights up is the city that never sleeps. Pack your days with more golf, dining, gambling, shows and nightlife than you've ever dreamed possible.
Most famous for its casinos, the fun begins when you exit the plane into a lobby full of slot machines. Take your chances on the nickel slots, or take higher risks with dollar slots. The Strip is lined with some of the city's most famous hotels including spectacularly themed resorts. Relive the glamour of Hollywood's golden age at the MGM Grand. Enter a magical land at Aladdin's resort; Experience the glorious Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas; Go medieval and experience the legend of King Arthur at Excalibur, or enjoy exotic pool-side drinks at the Tropicana. Bringing the kids? Visit the legendary Circus Circus, a thrilling casino and theme park with 21 rides and attractions all-in-one.
Hop resort-to-resort on the pedestrian-lined boulevard and test your luck on Blackjack, Craps or Roulette. Most casinos serve free drinks to those patrons at the tables or slots. So remember to flag someone down. Vegas is famous for its outlandish shows, from magic and musicals to impersonators, showgirls and comedy shows. With its extraordinary concert halls, Vegas also draws headline singers and Broadway musicals.
But before the show, be sure to get in a few rounds of golf on sunny courses favored by millions since the early 1950's, or pamper yourself in some of the nation's most glamorous spas. The warm, desert climate makes Vegas comfortable year-round.
And last, but certainly not least, cupid may strike without notice and lead you to a charming drive-through chapel at 2 AM. With no legal waiting period, you simply need a valid ID and cash to tie the knot - Vegas-style. Learn more about fantastic travel and accommodation specials at Travel, today.
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