Online Dating: Love Across a Telephone Line

You’ve posted your ad, created clever, humor-drenched prose and enticed what seems to be ‘The One’. Now you’re trying to keep the spark alive between finding them and cohabiting.

Long distance love is challenging. But as online dating grows more and more popular, so do Uhaul and Ryder truck rentals. The good side is that you can be more selective, refining your search down to their coffee brand and the way they slide their wallet in their back pocket. The bad side is the distance. But there’s a few fun and frivolous things you can do at a distance that you just can’t do in close proximity.

Here’s a few creative tips on romancing your paramour across the miles:
Get a Cheap Long Distance Plan. Intimacy can blossom quickly over the phone, with less inhibitions blocking our speech. But as much as you’d like to create sparks on the phone line, you shouldn’t burn up your budget with long distance charges. Some cheap long distance alternatives include unlimited cell phone plans or Voice over IP (VoIP), which gives you one low price, as low as $30 a month, for all the chatting, or silent pauses, you want.
Invest in a Web Cam. Distance doesn’t have to mean out of sight. Today’s technology lets us speak face-to-face no matter where we happen to be. Set up a Saturday morning web chat over coffee, or arrange a romantic Friday night pixel date.
Rediscover the Love Letter. While email is convenient, there’s nothing more traditionally romantic than an old fashioned snail mail letter. Suddenly got writer’s block? Type it in an email, then rewrite it on paper.
Send Unexpected Gifts. Did she mention her favorite movie of all time? Send her the DVD along with Popcorn bath bombs and let the UPS driver surprise her.
While you can’t go on the traditional dinner and movie date, you can make a your romance memorable. Use a little touch of cupid-like creativity and keep the sparks alive.
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